Our company was founded by a black femme herbalist, engineer, educator, yogi + wellness advocate. We are committed to curating high quality, small-batch herbal botanicals that address the mental, physical + sexual wellness needs of the many diverse communities that we are a part of, or in alliance with.

We believe that all humans are entitled to rest, wellness, acceptance + compassion.

Our Values

We honor the land that provides us with powerful plant medicines. We never use CBD isolates, as we understand plants' healing properties work best when all of their compounds are present. We understand herbal synergy, as such, our products combine full spectrum hemp with complementary herbs that maximize the healing properties of CBD. 

Image by Jakub Kriz

Our Mission

Our full-spectrum hemp-based botanical formulas can help to promote a sense of calm and relaxation, naturally aid restful sleep, reduce pain + inflammation, stimulate erogenous zones, eliminate barriers to expressing intimacy + sexual desire, + cultivate general well being by using the synergistic qualities of herbal botanicals + CBD to tap into the human endocannabinoid system.